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Annual/Unlimited Job Posting

Thank you for your interest in the National Association of HBCU Students and Alumni (NAHSA) Job Advertising Service. This is the only job posting service specifically tailored to locating and recruiting candidates affiliated with HBCUs. We pride ourselves in being able to reach a high volume of potential applicants who are awaiting employment opportunities.

Annual/Unlimited Job Posting Package

Process of job submission:

As an annual member, you will be provided the link to the "Client" page, where you can continuously input job links for posting and distribution.
Characteristics of Unlimited/Annual Posting:

  1. Sent via e-blast to all database members every Monday and Thursday

  2. Client-Exclusive page accessed from the Region of Your Location

  3. Jobs sent to over 740 diverse academic and professional associations (partnerships)

 Statistical Report (every 3 months w/ the annual/unlimited job posting option)
Viewing Statistics - example below from an annual member (Jan 2022 - Jan. 2023):


  • Number of people who received the jobs each week (confirmed): 2.2 million

  • Number of people who click on jobs after receiving them: 2.1 million

  • Number of “Clicks” or Impressions (website) each week: 293,698

  • Number of people who accessed jobs from the link provided in the e-blasts (every Tuesday and Thursday): 244,302

  • Average time people spent reviewing postings: 27 minutes

  • Percentage of persons who unsubscribe from receiving jobs per week: 0.2

Ranking of regions who view jobs each week (ranking):
1) West - highest state open percentage: Ranking order: WA, CA, OR
2) Midwest -highest state open percentage: Ranking order: MI, OH, KY
2) South - highest state open percentage: Ranking order: NC, VA, GA
4) North - highest state open percentage: Ranking order: MA, NY, NJ
Self-Reported Ethnicity (percentages who viewed each job opening):
61% African American/Black
34% Hispanic/Latino
4% Asian-Pacific Islander
1% Native American

Job Distribution Network:
Each job is sent to over 1,740 minority academic and professional associations who serve as partners in our exclusive Diverse Faculty/Staff Recruitment Handbook.

Sample of job summary sent to entire database (via email):
Institution: Nazareth College
Position: Communications Officer

Communications Officer monitors a variety of security and fire alarms, as well as the campus-wide I.D. system, card access and parking management and is the first point of campus contact for students/parents, faculty, staff, campus visitors and prospective students. (Official job link here)

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