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Are you an employer?

Advertise your employment opportunities specifically to HBCU/HSI Alumni!

With access to over 2.4 million HBCU/HSI Alumni, there is no better place to advertise academic and corporate jobs. Over 71% of higher education faculty and staff are HBCU Alumni.

What's different about posting jobs in NAHSA?

We don't just post your job, we actually send each job posting directly to members of our entire HBCU/HSI Alumni database. Better to have the job right in front of them, than to have them search for it on a website. Our members want and expect job postings, so they're ready to apply!

What is the pricing?

Singe job distribution is at the rate of $325. Jobs are sent to the entire database each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday!

How do I know the job has been sent?

You will receive a copy of what we send to our entire HBCU Alumni network. We will also send you a "Statistical Report" each Friday, which will highlight the number of people who received your job, clicked on the job link or unsubscribed.